Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Shed Finished!!!

At long last and with various delays for wood to be delivered and painted floors to dry our new shed is finally finished and we are now in and working out how to use it apart from lounging on the deck. It does feel very posh for us, now that we've painted the inside, but it is a studio so it is going to have to get scuffed and paint splattered sometime. It's lovely working virtually in the garden with the doors open and with all the insulation we've used it's beautifully cool for most of the day until the late afternoon sun hits the windows.

We can't be spending too long slobbing in the hammocks yet though, as the pond has to be dug, clay puddled and pond lined and then all the proper work we've been dodging whilst playing builders has to be done - and the sun's out....

Anyway we're very pleased with the shed and it was a pleasure having Damien from Splinterhouse building it. I hear from other people that 'having the builders in' isn't always a good experience but I can recommend Damien both for delivering a building better than we commissioned and being good to have around. We think we got a bargain.

If you are interested in your own bespoke studio drop Damien or me a line.