Monday, 26 November 2007

BCF Banners

Its rare but rather good to see an Sarah's illustrations used large and around our home town. It was even better when Madame L'art was seen on the sides of buses but we haven't been able to do that for a few years.

Brighton Craft Fair

We've just finished the Brighton Craft Fair which we both organise. Sarah does the design for the banners, flyers etc and also exhibits. As the work has to be different from the Art Fair, she's done a range of one-off dolls, which everyone loved but only a few people can summon up the funds to purchase one. Lots of galleries are keen to show them though so that might be the best way to market them.

Brighton Belle
Apple Lady

In order to show something a little more affordable and to link the dolls to the prints a little more published two fabric kits/tea-towels that can be made up into figures, cushions, or stuffed with something heavy door stops. They were selling quite well at the fair and have just been featured on my favourite blog designsponge so we might even get known in the States!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Civil Partnership Present

Made this for Mike and Robert as a present to celebrate their Civil Partnership. Mike and Robert own the wonderful Castor and Pollux emporium on Brighton Beach.

They're supposed to look like they're in Edwardian swimming costumes, going down the beach for a paddle.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Arundel Gallery Trail

Last weekend of the Arundel Festival and Arundel Gallery Trail. It's a much more manageable trail than Brighton with most houses being on or around just two streets Tarrant and Maltraver. The houses are universally lovely, flint or brick, built up the hill with fantastic views up to the castle and churches or over the Arun valley - over the backs of tall the other historic houses and lovely gardens.Quite a bit of the art is good - apart from Sarah Youngs prints - I liked Josse Davies ceramics in Tarrant street along with Victor Stuart Graham's driftwood ships and David Peduzzi's wood engravings. Giles Penny's (top Photo) sculptures at the Zimmer Stewart Gallery on Tarrant Street.

Chris Mitton and Mike Savage are displaying their sculptures in a lovely garden on Maltravers Street opposite the castle .

Stuart Slade - the day of the mopheads, installation of latex dipped mopheads in a garden in Tarrant Street.
Also Oliver Hawkins sculpture at 42 Tarrant Street. Small wooden sculptures .

There is lots of 2d art too but my photographic skills aren't up to the challenge of glass. but can recommend the huge Georgian house at 22 Maltravers Street - Suzanne Wilson and Neville Green, and MArgaret Massie Taylor's prints at 49 Maltravers Street.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Birthday Dolly

Small doll made for Lucys birthday- Lucinda Guy - designer and author of wonderful books such as Kids Learn to Knit and And So To Bed. Top is knitted from a beautiful ancient oblong 'ball' of 3 ply wool, it could well be from the 1920's from the look of the label, the colour is called 'pasture'. Trousers are 1920's/30's American feedsack material.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Rochester Solo Show

I'm having a solo exhibition in a really good space at Rochester Art Gallery. It goes on until Saturday 22nd September, when I'll be there, on the last day, for a sort of 'meet the artist event' from 1pm or 2pm to about 3pm. I'll probably be talking mostly about printmaking methods (with the help, hopefully, of Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy)

Some monoprints of minotaurs, done for the Rochester exhibition, using black etching ink, gold leaf and an etching press.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Rock Pool - Relief Print

The trouble with doing series of prints like the Sea Alphabet is making sure that there are 26 letters in stock. We don't print all of this edition of relief prints at one time as it would take about 3 or 4 weeks to print the whole set of all the letters, so we print as and when we need... some letters are a lot more popular than others. Finally got round to going to the print studio - Brighton Independent Printmaking

We print the Sea Alphabets on the small Albion press pictured which is ideal as we can ink up the print block and the letter block differently, then position the blocks and print all together at once.

You can see from the photo of the prints drying that the although the ink is the same throughout, the colour of each print is slightly different due to slight variations in inking and the pressure of a hand-press.

Friday, 20 July 2007

snake river press

I will be at Horsham Museum tomorrow, Saturday 21st, demonstrating my scraperboard illustration, between 12-2pm.
It's in conjunction with a small show of the illustrations from '20 Sussex Gardens', written by Lorraine Harrison.
Lorraine co-publishes a lovely series of books about Sussex,under the name of Snake River Press,and will be there too signing books!

Monday, 16 July 2007


I'm just trying to get used to how this all works. I am also an incredibly slow typer,so thankfully for all, words will be kept to a minimum.

So here are two nice pictures I took of a fete in Glynde, Sussex.

studio sale

First post!
We had a sale from home, these last two weekends,and I really wanted to say thankyou to everyone who took part in it, Sarah Packington, Annabet Wyndham ,Rachel Eardley, Ken Eardley,Sylph Baier Arnold Rose
and everyone who came. One of the aims was to raise money towards a messier! garden studio which amazingly it did.The weather couldn't have been nicer, and we turned the garden into a tea-room,with Victoria sandwich etc.served from the shed.