Friday, 24 February 2012

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Katrin Moye

Fresh Spring colours of Katrin Moyes beautiful and lovely to use work.

Soren and Tiny Hoops tableware

My excuse to buy some Ingrid mugs from Katrin at Origin was that they'd end up in my still-life paintings, which they did. I may have to buy a Melanie jug!

Sherwood Stag

A little while ago I was happy to be a printmaking mentor to Katrin, during her time of creative development. We had a lovely and incredibly interesting time and I hope it was helpful.

Small Tree Bowls

I love the circularity as I will soon be getting my hands back in clay...... and will need to learn a lot!

Linocut of Sue Binns ceramics

There is a great tradition of using other's work within your work, and the 'real' alongside its simplified form.
I am very glad that Katrin will of course make beautiful prints using her beautiful ceramics too! 

Lino cut of Christa jug, with branches

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Greek Myths out in Paperback

I didn't get round to writing about this when it originally came out in late 2010, so I am now because it has just come out in paperback!

             Double page part opener for Monsters and Heroes

It was my first book for Walker Books, who I have wanted to work for since I was a child, that and it's subject matter, which I have always loved, meant I was a little daunted and overwhelmed. But Liz Wood helped me immeasurably and in so many ways. She has helped to create many of the most beautiful books that Walker produce, and I was incredibly lucky to be able to work with her.

      Phaethon and the Chariot of the Sun double page spread

It was also the first time that I had used the computer for illustration, so that was interesting! Especially when you lose a years worth of work and can't get it back... it was a real love/hate relationship.

                          The Gorgons - Medusa's Sisters

I haven't got pictures with the proper type on, which is a shame because it works beautifully with the illustrations.
Ann Turnbull's retellings of these 16 myths
are just wonderful.

The stories have a lot of gold in them and the book is liberally sprinkled with it.

                                  Echo and Narcissus

and last but not least, I think I enjoyed doing this picture most.


"One word keeps coming to mind when looking at this book: lavish. Sixteen well-known stories are presented here, in a book positively overflowing with brightly coloured illustrations. Generous use of gold makes the book feel even more special, and the only danger, if you buy it for a child, is that you may not be able to bring yourself to give it away." ( "Ann Turnbull's re-tellings are as elegant as the book's classically influenced illustrations by Sarah Young... The production - from the cover dusted with shimmering gold to the white text on the back page when Orpheus enters the underworld - makes this volume a work of art." (Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times) "A generous large-format hardback that feels like a treat. Here are some of the greatest stories ever told... A book for keeps." (The Herald)"

If you'd like to buy Greek Myths, hopefully your nearest bookshop may have it, or they can order it, if not it's here.

Wooden Blocks

I can remember a very old toy. Nine cube wooden blocks, six sides to each, six colour litho pictures worn at the edges.
But I think to be able to endlessly create your own pictures or constructions within the confines of your given units must be a lot more satisfying than just getting the puzzle 'right'.

Miller Goodman's FaceMaker
Miller Goodman's PlayShapes

We were really pleased when Miller Goodman did Made one year recently, and had to come away with this.

a wonderful find from marksstuff

 Working something out, a bit obsessed