Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Now We Are Six!

Introducing Hester the Hare and Clarence the Lion.

Hester the Hare is a moonlit hare to one side, and leaps along under the sun on the other. Hester is a silkscreen design on 100% cotton. She can simply be used as a tea-towel or following the easy printed instructions she can be cut out, sewn and stuffed to make a child's toy or cushion. Alternatively she can be filled with bagged dried beans, rice or sand and then stuffed at the top, to make a door stop.

 Clarence's namesake was also a cross-eyed lion, and starred in a very old children's progamme called Daktari.

These are the only things that we don't actually print ourselves, as we can't accommodate the screenprinting carousel in our flat.

The whole process is identical to how we make our screenprints... but much, much bigger, smoother, quicker and cleaner.

Lots of thanks to Anna and Kath, at Stuart Morris who showed great patience and fortitude as we tweaked the colours till they were just right. It was so satisfying to see the finished towels come through, after being dried, all pristine, crisp and colourful.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I'm Showing at Tate Britain!

Well, for one evening!
 Tate Britain will be hosting their first 'craft fair' as a Late at Tate event, to run in conjunction with the Pre-Raphaelite show.

Mihara Yasuhiro, Ophelia Has A Dream (detail) 2012
© Mihara Yasuhiro, with thanks to Paolo Roversi and WOW

'Explore the continuing influence of the Pre-Raphaelites on contemporary art, fashion and music
Expect a vibrant evening of performance, music and much more...'
42 Pots

Emily Peacock

One of my new tea-towels
More work on my Etsy shop

They are joining forces with Etsy, and there will be 10 makers at a table top show that will take place at Tate Britain, Room 1840, on Friday 7th December, the event starts at 6pm and runs until 10pm.
The craft fair will close at 9.30pm.


The makers are:
EmilyPeacocktapestry.etsy.com Contemporary Needlepoint Kits
Narin Silk.etsy.com: Scarves & Paintings
Archives.etsy.com: Pewter Art
42Pots.etsy.com: Stoneware Pottery
ToviCorrie: Leather Accessories
PapaTotoro.etsy.com: Block Printed Homewares & Scarves
ImmortalLongings.etsy.com: Art & Stationery
SarahYoung5.etsy.com:Prints and Tea-Towel/Cut and Sew Kits
BunnysVintage.etsy.com: Bespoke Kimono Jackets
NicolaMascall.etsy.com: Miniature needlepoint