Thursday, 9 February 2012

Greek Myths out in Paperback

I didn't get round to writing about this when it originally came out in late 2010, so I am now because it has just come out in paperback!

             Double page part opener for Monsters and Heroes

It was my first book for Walker Books, who I have wanted to work for since I was a child, that and it's subject matter, which I have always loved, meant I was a little daunted and overwhelmed. But Liz Wood helped me immeasurably and in so many ways. She has helped to create many of the most beautiful books that Walker produce, and I was incredibly lucky to be able to work with her.

      Phaethon and the Chariot of the Sun double page spread

It was also the first time that I had used the computer for illustration, so that was interesting! Especially when you lose a years worth of work and can't get it back... it was a real love/hate relationship.

                          The Gorgons - Medusa's Sisters

I haven't got pictures with the proper type on, which is a shame because it works beautifully with the illustrations.
Ann Turnbull's retellings of these 16 myths
are just wonderful.

The stories have a lot of gold in them and the book is liberally sprinkled with it.

                                  Echo and Narcissus

and last but not least, I think I enjoyed doing this picture most.


"One word keeps coming to mind when looking at this book: lavish. Sixteen well-known stories are presented here, in a book positively overflowing with brightly coloured illustrations. Generous use of gold makes the book feel even more special, and the only danger, if you buy it for a child, is that you may not be able to bring yourself to give it away." ( "Ann Turnbull's re-tellings are as elegant as the book's classically influenced illustrations by Sarah Young... The production - from the cover dusted with shimmering gold to the white text on the back page when Orpheus enters the underworld - makes this volume a work of art." (Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times) "A generous large-format hardback that feels like a treat. Here are some of the greatest stories ever told... A book for keeps." (The Herald)"

If you'd like to buy Greek Myths, hopefully your nearest bookshop may have it, or they can order it, if not it's here.

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