Thursday, 23 February 2012

Katrin Moye

Fresh Spring colours of Katrin Moyes beautiful and lovely to use work.

Soren and Tiny Hoops tableware

My excuse to buy some Ingrid mugs from Katrin at Origin was that they'd end up in my still-life paintings, which they did. I may have to buy a Melanie jug!

Sherwood Stag

A little while ago I was happy to be a printmaking mentor to Katrin, during her time of creative development. We had a lovely and incredibly interesting time and I hope it was helpful.

Small Tree Bowls

I love the circularity as I will soon be getting my hands back in clay...... and will need to learn a lot!

Linocut of Sue Binns ceramics

There is a great tradition of using other's work within your work, and the 'real' alongside its simplified form.
I am very glad that Katrin will of course make beautiful prints using her beautiful ceramics too! 

Lino cut of Christa jug, with branches