Monday, 26 November 2007

Brighton Craft Fair

We've just finished the Brighton Craft Fair which we both organise. Sarah does the design for the banners, flyers etc and also exhibits. As the work has to be different from the Art Fair, she's done a range of one-off dolls, which everyone loved but only a few people can summon up the funds to purchase one. Lots of galleries are keen to show them though so that might be the best way to market them.

Brighton Belle
Apple Lady

In order to show something a little more affordable and to link the dolls to the prints a little more published two fabric kits/tea-towels that can be made up into figures, cushions, or stuffed with something heavy door stops. They were selling quite well at the fair and have just been featured on my favourite blog designsponge so we might even get known in the States!

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mimi k said...

Your dolls are wonderful! I love these ladies and also your civil partnership dolls in their woollies.