Saturday, 1 September 2007

Arundel Gallery Trail

Last weekend of the Arundel Festival and Arundel Gallery Trail. It's a much more manageable trail than Brighton with most houses being on or around just two streets Tarrant and Maltraver. The houses are universally lovely, flint or brick, built up the hill with fantastic views up to the castle and churches or over the Arun valley - over the backs of tall the other historic houses and lovely gardens.Quite a bit of the art is good - apart from Sarah Youngs prints - I liked Josse Davies ceramics in Tarrant street along with Victor Stuart Graham's driftwood ships and David Peduzzi's wood engravings. Giles Penny's (top Photo) sculptures at the Zimmer Stewart Gallery on Tarrant Street.

Chris Mitton and Mike Savage are displaying their sculptures in a lovely garden on Maltravers Street opposite the castle .

Stuart Slade - the day of the mopheads, installation of latex dipped mopheads in a garden in Tarrant Street.
Also Oliver Hawkins sculpture at 42 Tarrant Street. Small wooden sculptures .

There is lots of 2d art too but my photographic skills aren't up to the challenge of glass. but can recommend the huge Georgian house at 22 Maltravers Street - Suzanne Wilson and Neville Green, and MArgaret Massie Taylor's prints at 49 Maltravers Street.

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