Monday, 27 July 2009

Open House and Garden

Thanks to everyone who made it to our Open House and garden. It was busy but everyone seemed to enjoy it and were very complimentary about the garden and the new shed. Worthing is not known as an artistic town and so the unexpected success of our little open house trail was great, numbers of visitors were just right - high but spread nicely over the entire day and sales were steady so we will eat for another month and be able to pay our studio bills when we start back printmaking with purpose in the Autumn.

Visitors did come to us from far and wide including a steady stream from Brighton enquiring about house prices as well as looking at the art, and a big local contingent who seemed enthused,and impressed that Worthing could support such a good and enjoyable Open House trail. I think it will grow again next year.

Sarah's Sale continues on the website until the end of the Month - anything on the site including the gift vouchers is 20% off, but will go back to normal on the 1st August!

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